EB 26

The EB 26 cabinet ageing oven from ELASTOCON is the ideal instrument to determine the ageing of plastics and rubber materials under controlled environment. It has a high speed air and a fixed air exchange of 7 to 14 changes per hour which meets the requirements in ISO 188 method B. The oven comes in a 50 litres working volume size. This oven also has a rotating carousel for easy and quick mounting of up to 36 samples.

  • Carousel - which rotates during ageing - for simple and fast mounting of up to 36 samples
  • High air speed (1 ± 0,5 m/s)
  • Fixed set air exchange rate of 7 or 14 changes per hour
  • Temperature variation in time ± 0,25 °C
  • Temperature variation in space ± 0,5 %
  • Temperature indicator with sensor in the inner chamber (PLC)
  • Temperature controller with 0,1 °C set point (PLC)
  • Adjustable upper and lower temperature limits with alarm (PLC)
  • Fixed over temperature fuse
  • Controlled from a micro PLC, with a colour touch screen
  • Test names can be given in the PLC
  • Improved insulation reduces energy consumption, environmental impact and cost
  • Cooling channels in the casing for low surface temperature
  • Indication of power failure (PLC)
  • Run-time meter (PLC)
  • Countdown timer for each cell (PLC)
  • Alarm history
  • Door with two point locking


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