Polymer Char’s CFC

High resolution cross-fractionation of Polyolefins has been made possible through the new Polymer Char’s CFC fully automated instrument. Two-dimensional distribution relating molar mass and composition variables is often required for comprehensive characterization of complex materials, and complete cross-fractionation is the only technique which has determined it with no loss of information. 

This compact automated instrument fractionates the polymer according to crystallinity, following a TREF separation process (Temperature Rising Elution Fractionation). Meanwhile, the resulting fractions are continuously injected towards the online GPC columns where a second fractionation, this time according to molar mass, is performed. Resulting fractions are measured by an integrated infrared detector, IR4 or IR5, which can provide composition information as well.

  • Analytical scale automated instrument for cross-fractionation of Polyolefins.
  • Comprehensive information on molar mass and composition distributions in a single analysis.
  • Autosampler with 42 samples capacity in vials of 10 or 20mL.
  • Two samples per day can be analyzed under standard conditions.
  • No solvents handling, fully automated process including a final cleaning of, columns and lines.
  • Benchtop instrument.
  • Possibility of subambient operation (down to -20ºC) for low crystallinity samples.
  • Flexible definition of fractions number and temperatures.
  • Calculations package with a compatible database to an easy access to all the analyses.
  • Bivariate distribution results presented as contours or 3D surface graphs.
  • GPC and TREF recovered profiles directly calculated.
  • Possibility of using IR4 or IR5 integrated detectors for the measurement of concentration and composition

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